Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power launched Azalea charity contribution and sale activities.

Azalea student-aid activity has become a long-term brand volunteering activity of the Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power. In October of this year, the committee has issued the Proposal of Charity Contribution and Sale Activity to all the volunteers of Azalea and League members of Shanghai Electric Power, expecting that everyone can contribute idle things and offer their loves to gather every drip of warmth together, in order to aid students from poor families financially, make the valuable things carry on the priceless love and help more kids to fly with their dreams. The proposal has been actively responded by the public; besides the volunteers of Azalea who contributed proactively, officers and workers of various units have also participate in the activity enthusiastically; within a short period of 1 month, there were over 350 pieces of articles received totally.

After cleaning up all the articles, the Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power has set up 4 on-spot charity bazaar stations in Wujing Power Plant, Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Great Caojing Power Plant and the operating company. Through the previous proposal, motivation and promotion on the websites of the Youth League Committees at various basic levels, this activity has been concerned by employees extensively; the bazaar sites were unusually hot; from the practical articles valued at 5 yuan to small appliances valued at several hundred yuan, employees have contribute to the activity with open hearts; many donated articles were even seckilled and bided on the spot; those workers were unwilling to lag behind others to show their loves. The Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power has set up a special zone for charity bazaar on its website for the idle goods sent by many workers after the bazaar, leading to the flower of “Azalea” blooming deeply in the hears of volunteers in profusion.

This charity contribution and selling activity has collected the donation over 12,000 yuan, which would be remitted to the special bank account of Azalea of Shanghai Electric Power for its special student aid activity.

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