Chairman Wang Yundan Meets Mete Bulgun, General Manger of Turkish EMBA Company

    On November 6, Chairman Wang Yundan, vice president and chairman of the EMBA company Sun Wei Dong met with Turkey ? Mete Bulgun, the general manager and director of EMBA, Zhang Yan, general manager and Wang Runlan, deputy manager of AVIC International Equipment Co., Ltd.,.

    Chairman Wang Yundan expressed welcome to Mr. Mai Tai and congratulated on the achievements and made by Hunutlu) 2x660MW coal-fired power plant project which gained the licenses. He also thanked the Turkish employees for their effort in the project construction. Currently the project is being prepared for applying for generation license and the Chinese side has started to do the preparatory work for the project, including design, main equipment tender, capital of preparation. Chairman Wang Yundan hoped, with efforts of Chinese and Turkish sides, this project willobtain permission to start generate electricity as soon as possible. He wished this project can be a boutique and model engineering, and achieve social and economic benefits. (Turkey Project Department)

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