Representative Conversazione of 2012-2013 New Entrant Held in SEP

    On November 10, there were 21 new entrant representatives (recruited in 2012 and 2013) from fourteen companies, including Caojing Power Plant, got together and attended the representative conversazione of 2012-2013 new entrant held in SEP. At the meeting, they shared their feelings of working in SEP and expressed their wishes to ‘be down-to-earth, never live up the expectation of the leaders, complete career and learning plans, enhance one’s soft power and realize their dreams in SEP’. At the same time, they also put forwards some personal thoughts and suggestions, and Chairman Wang Yundan and General Manager Wang Huaiming gave positive response and feedbacks. At the conversazione, there were laughers from time to time. The conversazione was chaired by HR Director Wang Yunfei.

    Chairman Wang Yundan started with the company strategy, analyzed this year’s business situation and stressed the standards and requirements in company construction. He also pointed out that it is imperative to speed up the space of developing domestic market and new energy markets overseas. He pointed out that the majority of the company's young employees should keep pace the times when facing the new situation. He hoped that the young employees have an international perspective and have the courage of ‘Who but myself can do it’; pay close attention to detail, set strict demands on oneself and learn transpositonal consideration; learn to be pragmatic and keep promise; insist on life-long learning and not only know what it is but also why it is; and strive to be outstanding talents in one’s own field. The company departments at all levels should further improve the company's training system, and inspire young people to have the passion in work at SEP.

    Wang Huaiming pointed out that in order to lead in successful strategic transformation and creating a world-class energy company, SEP must pay attention to the training and development of talents. SEP should not stick to one pattern in talent and do a good job in improving the system, mechanism innovation and logistics services. He hoped that the young be ambitious, study and work hard, have positive attitude in life and work. He encouraged the young to realize self-worth and try to be outstanding. (Wang Juan, Hemei Company)

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