Shanghai Electric Power Held 2013 Online Performance Explanation Session

In order to further explain the company’s operational developing strategies and enhance the market image, SEP held 2013 online performance explanation session on. on March 31. Liu Guangchi, the President of Shanghai Electric Power, and Sun Ji, the Deputy President and Chief Financial Officer, and Xia Meixing, the Secretary of the Board and SEP’s department directors also attended the secession.

In 2013, SEP insisted on seeking stable improvement, deepen transformation and upgrade, and further consolidated and improved the "FOUR Steps" strategic development system. The company has recognized by the investors through its increasing performance level, optimized asset structure and completed business management methods. The investors are more concerned about the company’s development strategies, operational management and capital operation etc.. On this session, the company’s management team answered the questions from the investors.

During the two hours session, the investors responsed actively and the page hit rate increase sharply. All these show that the investors pay highly attention on SEP’s development.








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