The first extraordinary general meeting of Shanghai Electric Power has been successfully held.

On July 26th, the first extraordinary general meeting of Shanghai Electric Power was successfully held in the conference center of Shanghai Jiushi Mansion. There were 43 people in total who have attended the meeting, including shareholders and agents of shareholders, with board directors and supervisors, senior management, chiefs of related departments and lawyers attending the meeting as the nonvoting delegates.

Authorized by Wang Yundan, Chairman of Shanghai Electric Power, Liu Guangchi, GM of Shanghai Electric Power, has hosted the meeting.

Motion on Publishing Short-term Financing Bond and Motion on Registering Ultra-short-term Financing Bond have been deliberated in the meeting.

In the meeting, Liuguangchi has made comprehensive communication and interaction with management and investors, giving careful and elaborated answers to questions of company operation and development concerned by the investors.

Based on the serious and careful examination of this shareholders meeting, both motions have been passed by virtue of voting of shareholders.

The board, under the great support of all the shareholders, will continue to expand the financing channel, reduce the financing cost; try to enhance its profitability; and concretely guarantee and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all the shareholders. 

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