Shanghai Observer: One-fifth of CIIE Long-term Management Volunteers Come from SEP

The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) will open soon, and a group of "long-term management volunteers" have been busy for a period of time. The certificate management, logistic support, exhibition hall activities preparation and layout for the CIIE ... You could find these long-term volunteers busy at work in many places. This year, SEP selected 20 outstanding Youth League members as the volunteers at long-term management positions for the third CIIE, accounting for about 21 percent of the total long-term volunteers, among whom 50 percent are postgraduates, 4 had previously volunteered at the expo, and 1 of them has participated in all the three editions of the expo. And at the past two editions of CIIE, the long-term management volunteers from SEP also accounted for more than one-fifth of the total.

What is the work of the volunteers for long-term management positions at the expo? Compared with short-term volunteers who usually serve at the front lines such as the exhibition halls, parking lots and bus stops, long-term volunteers are more like "behind-the-scenes schedulers", who need more communication and coordination capability, keeping busy with the connection, exchanges and coordination between various workgroups in the shadows.

During the past two editions of CIIE, 47 SEP volunteers at long-term management positions had contributed more than 30,000 hours of volunteer services altogether, making all-out efforts to strive for perfection, endeavoring to solve problems at their respective posts.

"Only those with excellent political quality, business ability, foreign language proficiency and mental outlook could deliver 'high-quality and high-level services and guarantee' throughout the expo." This is the consistent purpose of SEP to provide volunteers for long-term management positions at the expo, according to the company.

"Although the work of long-term volunteers is a far cry from their own work after returning to the company, thanks to such experience, they could broaden the horizon, sharpen the  communication and coordination skills, and cultivate the ability to think about problems at a higher level, which is exactly the capacity needed for overseas and renewable energy project development," said the related leader of SEP. The company expressed that it will continue to send qualified volunteers for long-term management positions at CIIE in the future.

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