SPIC News: Improving PV Power Plant O&M Comprehensively to Raise Power Generation Capacity

Background description: The 50 MW Dongtai ground-mounted PV power plant was put into operation in December 2013 and has been in operation for 6 years cumulatively. With the increase in the operating time of the power plant equipment, there is aging of various degrees with the equipment such as modules and inverters, and the performance declines, resulting in a continuous decline in annual power generation and equivalent utilization hours.

Suggested measures: First, conduct a comprehensive screening of the PV modules, so that the follow-up optimization and rectification could be proposed with  targeted methods after a thorough examination on the power plant. Second, carry out targeted rectification on the equipment. Third, strengthen the equipment maintenance, reinforce the monitoring efforts, install additional spraying devices, and adopt multi-form module cleaning solutions to further improve the equipment maintenance and increase power generation efficiency and equipment reliability, which could increase the power generation by about 5 percent.

Revenue expectation: It is expected to increase the power generation by 4 million KWH, which can improve the revenue by about RMB 4.6 million based on the calculation of tax-inclusive tariff of 1.15 RMB/KWH.

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