Xinhua: SEPM's Virus Battle Behind 'Growth Against Trend'

During the epidemic, the total electricity consumption of Malta declined. However, the power generation of Delimara 3 Power Plant showed an obvious "growth against the trend": in the first quarter of this year, it generated about 126 million KWH of electricity, an increase of 50.6% year-on-year, accounting for one fifth of Malta's total electricity supply.

Delimara 3 Power Plant, located in Marsaxlokk, is controlled and operated by SEP (Malta) Holding Ltd. (SEPM). Behind the "growth against the trend" in power generation during the epidemic were the unremitting efforts of SEPM to turn the crisis into opportunity.

On December 23, 2019, a serious fault occurred in the submarine cable connecting Malta to the European energy network, which caused Malta to turn to its own power station for electricity security. In order to meet the local demand for electricity, Delimara 3 Power Plant started to operate at full load. Nevertheless, the power plant was soon confronted with an even bigger challenge: the novel coronavirus epidemic.

"We had prepared for emergency management in early February. The outbreak in Malta was not serious at that time, but we required that Chinese and foreign personnel arriving from outside Malta should be quarantined at home, and that those coming from key infected areas should receive nucleic acid tests," CEO of SEPM Sheng Baojie said.

As the epidemic became more and more serious in Malta, SEPM followed the principle of "protecting our brother units and partners is protecting ourselves", and provided masks for its partners such as International Energy Service Center and W?rtsil? subcontractors, and also donated anti-epidemic materials to the local government.

"At present, our company has achieved 'zero confirmed case and zero suspected case', providing strong backing for the entire power supply in Malta and supporting local epidemic prevention and fighting with practical actions," Sheng said.

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