SPIC Website: Wujing Power Plant Wins 1st Place in Shanghai Power Industry Quality Management Team QC Results Release

Recently, SEP Wujing Power Plant participated in the Shanghai Electricity Industry Quality Management Team Activity Results Releasing Conference held online by the Shanghai Electric Power Trade Association, and the five results released by the power plant have all been shortlisted. Among them, the project titled "Reducing failure frequency of 14A separator at Wujing Phase VI" by Endeavour QC Team of Electrical Shift Team of Fuel Department of the power plant was unanimously praised by the expert judges and for its high-quality content and remarkable online presentation, and won the first place in Shanghai Electricity Industry Quality Management Team Activity Achievements Release.

The subject was determined through full discussion, feasibility analysis and horizontal and vertical comparison. The team members reviewed the past repair records, carried out brainstorming, found out the main cause for the electrical failure of the precipitator control system from various aspects, proposed multiple solutions based on the main cause, conduced evaluation on the solutions in terms of effectiveness, reliability, difficulty and economy, and determined the specific implementation plan according to the final comprehensive evaluation result. After the implementation of reform measures, the monthly average number of failures of 14A separator became lower than the set target value, and the activity obtained a complete success, generating direct economic benefits of more than RMB 30,000, effectively ensuring the operation safety of coal conveyor belt and making contributions to the smooth development of coal handling and safe operation of the unit.

In recent years, Wujing Power Plant has further improved quality management under the strong leadership of SEP, not only achieving better effect in energy saving and consumption reduction, quality improvement, increase of equipment defect elimination rate, and equipment reliability enhancement, but also making major breakthroughs in management innovation and technical innovation, overcoming management and technical difficulties, reinforcing effective measures, and creating good economic and social benefits. In the next step, the power plant will continue to give full play to its own advantages, focus on the annual work ideas, further promote QC team management, and boost clean, safe and efficient power generation constantly.

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