SPIC Website: Waigaoqiao Power Plant Awarded 'Standardized Good Practice Enterprise' with AAAAA Rating

Recently, SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant was awarded the certificate of "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise" with AAAAA rating by China Electricity Council (CEC), which is a full affirmation for the long-standing emphasis on and solid implementation of standardization work of the power plant.

Since it started to create the "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise", Waigaoqiao Power Plant has gradually established an enterprise standard system with technical standards as the mainstay and management standards and work standards supporting each other, and continued to optimize and improve it through effective implementation and self-evaluation. In October 2019, after three days of on-site assessment, the power plant successfully passed the on-site confirmation of "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise" with AAAAA rating by CEC following a 3-day field assessment, with a high appreciation from the review panel.

Standardization management is a long-term and arduous task, and the power plant will take this award as an opportunity to forge ahead with creating a new situation of standardization work deeply and continuously, improve the management level effectively, raise the awareness of employees and achieve sustainable development of the enterprise.

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