SPIC Website: SEP Deploys Epidemic Prevention, Work Resumption Safety

On February 11, 2020, SEP studied SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin's speech at the special videoconference on epidemic prevention and control, listened to the company's emergency office's report on the relevant work during the epidemic prevention and control period, and conducted research and deployment in accordance with the requirements of "deepening the epidemic prevention and control work".

It is the top priority and the most important task at present to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. While coordinating and completing the "last kilometer" of the epidemic prevention and control work, SEP has a correct understanding of the epidemic prevention and control situation, accurately grasps the new situation and problems faced this year, and earnestly plans the working ideas and methods to accomplish the annual targets and tasks in advance according to the "one kilometer in advance". First, conscientiously implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and SPIC Party Leadership Group on epidemic prevention and control, improve the political stance, and earnestly carry out the epidemic prevention and control work deeply, meticulously and practically, especially ensuring the procurement and guarantee of masks, disinfection products and other anti-epidemic materials. Second, fully perform the responsibility for work safety, quickly switch the holiday mode into the normal work mode, ensure that the main person in charge should be on duty to take command, strengthen the closed operation management of production areas, and adhere to guaranteeing the life safety and health of personnel. Third, according to the "adjust measures to local conditions, one enterprise with one policy, and one project with one policy" principle, make careful planning, formulate and implement management measures for work resumption, correctly handle the relationship between the epidemic prevention and work resumption, innovate working methods, coordinate and solve all difficulties in work resumption, and attempt to resume normal work order as soon as possible under the premise that no new outbreak occurs.

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