SPIC Website: SEP Tianji Power Plant Passes 'Standardized Good Practice Enterprise with AAAAA Rating' Outstandingly

On December 8, 2019, Tianji Power Plant passed the on-site assessment and certification of "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise with AAAAA Rating" organized by China Electricity Council (CEC) with an excellent score.

From December 7-8, CEC deputy secretary general Xu Songlin led an on-site evaluation panel of standardized good practice enterprises to conduct a two-day field assessment of "standardized good practice enterprises" on Tianji Power Plant. According to the related requirements, the evaluation panel conducted a comprehensive appraisal on the basic requirements, system construction, standard implementation, evaluation and improvement of the standardization work of Tianji Power Plant through listening to reports, consulting materials, checking sites and visiting relevant departments. The power plant's standard system is complete and comprehensive, with full participation and steady progress, which ensures the stability and standardization of various production and operation activities of the power plant, and has achieved significant benefits and promoted the improvement of enterprise management.

The power plant general manager said that the power plant will take the opportunity of the on-site evaluation of "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise with AAAAA Rating", further deepen the standardization work, constantly improve the standards, effectively strengthen the implementation of the standards, and convert the concept and awareness of standardization into the heart internally and the behaviors externally.

Tianji Power Plant started to establish the standard system in December 2014, released the system for trial operation in August 2015, and put it into official operation in January 2016, which passed the on-site certification of "Standardized Good Practice Enterprise with AAAA Rating" by CEC in July 2016. In 2017 and 2018, the power plant implemented the standard execution deeply, summarized experience actively, optimized business processes, and improved the quality of enterprise standard compilation continuously, laying a solid foundation for building a standardized good practice enterprise with AAAAA rating.

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