SPIC Website: SEP Tianji Power Plant Honored First Prize of National Power Industry QC Results

Recently, China Association for Water and Electricity Quality Management announced that the QC project titled "Reduce transformer oil level thermometer operation failure rate" by Tianji Power Plant won the first prize of achievements releasing. In addition, the QC project titled "Reduce differential pressure of air preheater operation of 630 MW units" won the third prize.


China Association for Water and Electricity Quality Management held the 2019 National Electricity Industry Excellent Quality Management Team Results Display and Exchange Conference in Chengdu, Sichuan province. A total of 654 achievements participated in the conference, all of which were outstanding results selected and recommended by various enterprises, and the competition was really intense. The two subject teams of Tianji Power Plant made adequate preparation before the results releasing conference, focused on the details, and improved the logic and content. During the achievement releasing, they performed outstandingly, won the unanimous praise of a panel of judges on site, and thus were honored prizes in the fierce competition.


At the exchange meeting, the QC teams of Tianji Power Plant not only demonstrated the subject results worthy of popularization to the industry peers, but also benefited greatly from other excellent projects, and expanded the new vision of total quality management.

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