SPIC Website: SEP Honored Shanghai Municipal Quality Gold Award in 2018

Recently, Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued a document to commend the winning organizations and individuals for Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award in 2018. SEP was selected into the list of 10 winners of Gold Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award, and was honored the title of Gold Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award in 2018, which is another recognition won by the company in the work of improving quality management and pursuing excellent performance after it was awarded the title of National Electricity Industry Performance Excellence Benchmark Enterprise with AAA rating.


Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award is a government quality award established by the municipal government in accordance with Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China, Management Measures for Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award and other relevant regulations, which is mainly granted to those organizations and individuals with outstanding results achieved in quality management and business performance, and has a very high value.


Among them, the Gold Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award is mainly granted to the organizations with excellent quality management, strong independent innovation ability, economic and social benefits leading its industry in the city, with an industry benchmarking demonstration role in the city, or with outstanding innovative achievements in the fields of quality management model innovation, quality management method innovation, brand construction innovation, quality technological breakthrough, etc., as well as the individuals with outstanding quality work results and making important contributions to promoting the development of the enterprise and industry.


The total number of winning organizations for Gold Prize of Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award shall not exceed 10, and shall be assessed according to the category of manufacturing industry, service industry, small business organizations, other organizations and innovation items. The total number of winning individuals shall not exceed five. Each winner shall go through a series of procedures including voluntary application, recommendation by relevant departments, qualification examination, material review, on-site assessment, public evaluation, statement and defense, comprehensive evaluation, publicity and approval by Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award Examination Committee.


We are always on the road to pursuing excellence. SEP will take the opportunity of Shanghai Municipal Quality Gold Award, adhere to "doing right things and doing things in a right way", stick to the development orientation of pursuing excellence, and embrace the important strategic opportunity period of high-quality development and high-quality life. Looking ahead with a global perspective, the company will align with the highest standards and best level in the world, integrate the construction of world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness with the implementation of serving the construction of "five centers" and excellent global city in Shanghai, accelerate the enhancement of multinational operation, further sharpen the core competitiveness, consolidate and develop the "circle of friends with win-win cooperation" and clean and efficient energy technology advantage accumulated in the process of the Belt and Road practice, continue to advance the reform of quality, efficiency and driving force, forge ahead on the road of high-quality development as the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC, go all out to chase the "SEP dream", take the lead to establish the "going global" brand of Shanghai, improve the international influence of Shanghai and SEP, assist Shanghai in promoting "four major brands" and making a new start in reform and opening-up.

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