Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Observer: CIIE to Further Encourage International Procurement

SEP Chairman Wang Yundan listened to the keynote speech made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), and expressed that he was deeply impressed by Xi's remarks, and would further develop international procurement.


Opening-up leads to progress, while isolation leads to backwardness. In order to achieve development and progress, various countries should stick to opening-up, cooperation and win-win. With the in-depth development of economic globalization, only inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win will lead to a broader path of development, Wang said.


The same is true for the enterprise development. Supply chain is the ecological system of all the economic sectors and industrial clusters of a nation, which integrates the supply side and the demand side more dynamically. The supplier, as an important link on the supply chain, is not only an essential resource for the enterprise, but also the source of the enterprise's quality, cost and even risk control. The relationship between the enterprise and the supplier, and the strength of the supplier, will determine the enterprise's market competitiveness and risk resistance capacity to a great extent, Wang said.


Value creation of an enterprise cannot do without the product with high cost performance from the supplier. We need high-end technologies and products provided by manufacturers to build into the project gene; we need coal and mining raw materials from resource providers; we need advanced professional mechanical devices from machinery manufacturers; we need high-efficient "DI" management tools from global consulting firms which conduct diagnosis for, escort and add wings to our company, he said.


SPIC always values cooperation with its suppliers, adheres to the concept of active opening-up and win-win cooperation, carries out international purchasing work with a global perspective, and learns from the state-of-art management experience of its cooperation partners seriously, Wang said.


At this great moment, we will sign the agreements officially with a number of enterprises, in order to expand opening-up and cooperation. With the implementation of SPIC's strategic planning, we will fully leverage the tremendous strength, management capability, technological innovative power and market development ability of SPIC in clean energy sector, and compose a symphony titled "New Era, Shared Future" magnificently and splendidly together with our remarkable supplier partners, said Wang.

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