Yicai.com: SPIC Introduces China's First Heavy-duty Gas Turbine to Minhang Power Plant

China managed to introduce the first GT36-S5 H-class gas turbine on the first day of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE).


On November 5, 2018, SEP, a subsidiary of SPIC, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. (SEC) and Ansaldo Energia signed a framework of purchase for gas turbine equipment and related service agreement, marking the successful introduction of the first GT36-S5 H-class gas turbine in China.


"There is no doubt that Ansaldo will continue to develop in the Chinese market, and sell more gas turbines here. SPIC is our most important partner, and we hope to participate in China's national heavy-duty gas turbine project led by SPIC," Ansaldo Energia CEO Guiseppe Zampini told the reporter.


According to the reporter at the signing ceremony, this set of gas turbine is the first H-class model confirmed to be implemented in China after SEC acquired 40 percent stake of Ansaldo and both parties agreed to share the intellectual property rights. The output of a single H-class unit is twice that of domestic mainstream gas turbine, with the unit efficiency of more than 62 percent.


Huang Shijin, deputy manager of SEP Minhang Gas-fired Power Generation Project preparation office said, "The F-class gas turbine was introduced at the first batch of gas turbine package bidding in China in 2003, while the H-class gas turbine introduced now has larger capacity, higher efficiency and better emissions compared with the F-class turbine. The H-class turbine has been improved from the 400 MW F-class gas turbine, with the output of a single H-class combined cycle unit up to 750 MW. The combined cycle efficiency of H-class gas turbine exceeds 62 percent, with lower heat rate and better overall economy and competitiveness."


It is reported that the H-class heavy-duty gas turbine will be put into construction after the contract signing, and is expected to be thrown into operation in 2-3 years.

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