SPIC Website: SEP New Energy Dongzhi Muta 100 MW Wind Power Project Completes 1st WTG Hoisting

Recently, with the completion of the connection between the hub and the engine room, the 100 MW Dongzhi Muta wind power project developed by SEP New Energy completed hoisting of the first wind turbine generator (WTG), marking that the project has successfully reached another important milestone.


Located in Muta town, Dongzhi county, Chizhou city of Anhui province, the wind power project planned to construct 40 sets of 2.1 MW wind power units and 8 sets of 2 MW wind power units, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW.


In order to ensure the smooth installation of first WTG, the project company jointly with various construction companies overcame a series of difficulties including much rain, heavy pressure in water conservation, and intense competition in securing equipment manufacturers near the end of the year. All the related companies worked hard together with sincere cooperation, indomitable struggle and solidarity, and completed all the preparation work before hoisting within a limited timeframe, laying a solid foundation for hoisting the first WTG. In the next stage, SEP New Energy will conquer the difficulties involving equipment transportation in mountainous region, forest and land acquisition, complex weather conditions and short window period for hoisting according to the characteristics of mountain wind farm of Dongzhi project, and guarantee the smooth grid connection of the project with both quality and quantity.

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