SPIC Website: SEP Wins Awards in SPIC 'Maker in China' Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018

At the 2018 SPIC "Maker in China" Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition final and award ceremony held on September 7, SEP youth team stood out and won the second prize in application group, which also became the only team from within SPIC in the application group winning list. SEP was also honored the best organization prize of the competition.


Guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the competition was jointly sponsored by SPIC, MIIT Information Center, China Computer Federation Task Force on Big Data and other related organizations, and was open to the public. The competition was divided into application group and innovation group, and more than 2500 teams entered for the four subjects of the application group. SEP team entered the final with the first place in the group preliminary contest on the subject of "transient stress analysis and prediction of turbine based on big data", competed with the other 11 teams from universities or social scientific research and technology companies, and finally stood out with the second place in the overall score.


The competition provided a great opportunity for SEP to stimulate scientific research potential of the scientific and technological personnel, explore young scientific research talents, and measure the gap with the level of social scientific research strength, and will further push forward the in-depth integration of the company's big data, AI and traditional businesses, inspire the innovation vitality of the staff, and enhance the company's core competitiveness in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC for the strategy in the new era.

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