SPIC WeChat: Top Leaders of SPIC Subsidiaries Vow to Achieve H2 Target

Wang Yundan, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary


As SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin noted at the midyear meeting, we will not have a world-class enterprise without innovation. Facing the corporate vision of "building a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness" put forward by SPIC, SEP will actively implement the strategy of the group company for the new era, insist on the road of innovative development, and attempt to submit a satisfactory answer sheet.


Firstly, the company will adhere to the direction of transforming to an advanced energy technology developer, intensify science and technology innovation, further strengthen integrated innovation and collaborative innovation, carry out applied technology R&D mainly centering on clean and high-efficient coal-fired power, advanced gas-fired power generation technology as well as environmental protection and emission reduction technology, and conduct forward-looking, practical and industrial science and technology innovation; secondly, the company will stick to the direction of transforming to a clean and low-carbon energy supplier, and scale up clean energy utilization; thirdly, the company will persist in the direction of transforming to an energy ecosystem integrator, and enhance business model innovation.

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