SPIC Website: SEP Holds Shipping Ceremony for Booster Station of Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project

Recently, the shipping ceremony for the offshore booster station of SEP Dafeng H3# 300 MW Offshore Wind Power Project was held at the dock of Nantong Blue Island Offshore Co., Ltd.


Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project is part of the "Two Sea-related" strategy formulated by SEP according to the overall development strategy of SPIC. As the first of its kind developed and constructed by the company in China, the project shoulders both the innovation responsibility as a pioneer and the historic duty as a role model.


SEP Dafeng H3# 300 MW Offshore Wind Power Project has ranked first in various aspects in the country since its construction. It is the offshore wind farm with the longest offshore distance in China at present. It adopts the 220kV three-core submarine cables for electricity transmission, with the single-circuit submarine cable 52.5 km in length, which is also the longest and heaviest high voltage submarine cable in China so far. With further optimization in design and technology, the offshore booster station, which weighed 3,100 tons, was delivered for shipping successfully on that day, marking a solid step forward for the technology of national marine equipment manufacturing, transportation and installation, laying a sound foundation for SEP to build excellent project and control a commanding height in offshore wind power development and construction.

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