SPIC Website: SEP Affiliates Recognized for Water Management

Recently, a number of affiliated companies of SEP were granted awards at the commendation conference on water-taking management and water conservation held by Shanghai Water Authority, indicating that they won recognition for water taking and water conservation work from the authority.


Wujing Thermal Power Plant was awarded the title of "outstanding collective of water-taking management in Shanghai for 2017" together with another two local enterprises in Shanghai, and Yangshupu Power Plant was granted the title of "outstanding collective of deep well recharging work in Shanghai for 2017" together with another local enterprise in Shanghai. In term of individual winners, Xi Lan from Minhang Power Plant, Pan Xin from Luojing Power Plant, Wang Weili from Caojing Power Plant, Ye Zixi from Waigaoqiao Power Plant and Zhang Xiaolei from Wujing Power Plant were awarded the titles of "advanced worker of water conservation in Shanghai" and " advanced individual of water-taking management in Shanghai" respectively.


At the meeting, Shanghai Water Authority conveyed the national government's requirement on in-depth promotion of water-saving enterprises, especially for the five major high water consumption industries, i.e., steel, electricity, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking and petroleum refining. SEP will continue to push forward water resource management, and further promote the construction of its affiliated companies into water-saving enterprises.

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