SPIC Website: SEP to Comprehensively Enhance Multinational Operation Development Management

In order to respond to the call to "cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness" put forward by the report of the 19th CPC National Congress, implement SPIC's goal to "build a world-class integrated energy group" and adapt to the development situation of constructing Shanghai into an excellent global city and an international metropolis with socialist modernization, SEP studied and formulated a three-year action plan to enhance the company headquarters' multinational operation development management capability.


SEP will take Excellent Performance Evaluation Guideline as the guidance, follow the method of "three steps to go in three years", enhance the headquarters' capacity comprehensively through introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, in order to promote excellent headquarters construction, complete headquarters' excellent performance evaluation work, explore the way of striving to become a pioneer and forerunner in building SPIC into a world-class integrated energy enterprise with global competitiveness, and realize the objective of constructing excellent headquarters.

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