SPIC Website: Kanshan Power Plant 3.2 MW PV Power Project Synchronized

Recently, the 3.2 MW PV Power Project was connected to the grid successfully at Kanshan Power Plant. Since it started civil works on November 17, 2017, the project took only 41 days to complete, as all the staff of the project team conducted careful preliminary planning, sophisticated process management and strict acceptance check, considered safety and quality as the prerequisite and basis, and thus ensured smooth synchronization at one go, which became a great gift for the new year, while indicating that the power plant made a solid step in transformation and development.


Confronted with increasingly severe electricity market environment in 2017, Kanshan Power Plant has been actively exploring the "lifeline" for transformation and development, and sparing no effort to develop integrated smart energy projects. The PV power project is expected to generate 3.63 million KWH of electricity for the first year, equivalent to saving 1,200 tons of standard coal each year, reducing 3,100 tons of CO2 emission and 30 tons of SO2 emission respectively, with good social benefit.


Since it started the PV power project, the power plant has overcome numerous difficulties such as large work quantity, short construction period and procurement hardships, with the plant leaders and related departments rising to the challenge bravely and carrying forward "three thousands" hardworking spirit, and eventually realized completion of works and power generation before the adjustment of the national feed-in tariff policy.

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