SEP Boosts Green Development by Innovation

SEP has been implementing China's five major development concepts comprehensively, leveraging its own industry advantages, developing clean coal-fired power generation, boosting clean energy development, innovating the "PV plus" development model, supporting the development of circular economy, leading Chinese technologies to "go global", promoting green development and the construction of a beautiful China through technological innovation, and striving to make new contributions to the global ecological safety.


I. Developing clean and high-efficient coal-fired power generation


The company has been pushing forward the construction of clean and high-efficient coal-fired power generation units continuously, making overall planning of energy conservation and environmental protection rehabilitation, strengthening innovation and application of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, and promoting clean and high-efficient development of coal-fired power generation.


1. Green design and treatment at source


The company attempted to enhance energy conservation and environmental protection and ultra-low emission work from the design at the source, in order to provide clean and green energy for the economic development of eastern China.


In compliance with SPIC's corporate spirit of "providing green energy and serving the public", SEP has been innovating from the design at the source, enhancing environmental protection performance, meeting the requirement for clean and high-efficient coal-fired power generation technology featured with high parameter, high efficiency, large capacity and ultra-low emission, generalizing the universal energy saving technologies such as technology on 660 MW ultra-supercritical units with 620℃ reheat temperature as well as the technological research results of lignite upgrading and briquetting, coal classification and cascade utilization, smart power plant, etc., developing the construction of clean and high-efficient coal-fired units preferentially, and boosting the sustained development of enterprise and environment.


2. Equipment optimization and energy efficiency

Driven by scientific and technological innovation, SEP conducted a great amount of energy-saving retrofitting on the existing units of its affiliated power plants, in order to improve the energy-saving level and the efficiency of de-SO2, de-NOx and dust treatment of power generation units in an all-round manner; it applied and promoted all kinds of new energy conservation technologies, highlighting comprehensive and systematic energy-saving rehabilitation on 300 MW-class, 600 MW-class and 1000 MW-class subcritical and ultra-supercritical units, in order to save precious energy resources.


Meanwhile, the company explored the research on IGCC de-NOx and mercury removal technology, carried out research on IGCC raw gas de-dust and de-SO2 integrated technology as well as development and research on key technology of IGCC raw gas de-SO2 and mercury removal, and led the direction for the energy conservation technology of the industry.


In 2016, the net coal consumption rate of SEP was 283.6 g/KWh and the comprehensive station service power consumption rate reached 4.42%.


3. Technical reform and ultra-low emission


The company insisted on green development, took the lead to carry out PM2.5 comprehensive treatment among domestic coal-fired power plant, kept on innovating energy conservation and emission reduction technology, conducted in-depth research on the field of clean and high-efficient energy utilization, and created a technical route of "multi-pollutant collaborative integrated treatment". In the meantime, the company vigorously carried out environmental protection retrofitting on the existing coal-fired units. As of the end of 2015, all the coal-fired boilers of SEP had completed high-efficient de-dust, FGD de-SO2 and SCR de-NOx rehabilitation with all de-SO2 bypasses removed, and consequently, the emission of dust, SO2 and NOx decreased for six consecutive years, making positive contributions to "clear waters and blue sky".


In 2015, Unit 2 of SEP Caojing Power Plant was selected into the first batch of 13 environmental protection demonstration units by National Energy Administration to implement ultra-low emission rehabilitation, which was the only one in Shanghai. After the rehabilitation, the related emission indicators were superior to those of gas turbines.


In 2016, the company completed ultra-low emission retrofitting on seven coal-fired units with aggregated capacity of 3450 MW. As a result, the emission performance and amount of SO2 declined by 0.06 g/KWh and 2220 tons respectively on a year-on-year basis, the emission performance and amount of NOx decreased by 0.04 g/KWh and 1629 tons respectively on a year-on-year basis, and the emission performance and amount of dust fell by 0.016 g/KWh and 598 tons respectively on a year-on-year basis.


II. Boosting clean energy development


1. Grid connection technology optimization of renewable energy


SEP accelerated the development and application of clean energy such as wind power and solar power, continued to strengthen accumulation of renewable technologies, expedited the frontier new technology research including grid connection, O&M and management technology for PV and wind power generation system, in order to meet the actual demand for the rapid development of renewable energy; it deepened energy storage technology application, took comprehensive development and application of energy storage technology as the entry, actively cooperated with advanced enterprises on the development of energy storage industry chain, explored the construction of energy internet, and realized the two-way flow between energy and information; it strengthened solar thermal technology reserve, and conducted research on heliostat tracking technology, optimizing focused beam and heat storage technology inside the power plant. The company attempted to increase the proportion of renewable energy and clean energy power generation through science and technology, realized clean energy utilization, carried out energy conservation and emission reduction at the source, served the development of onshore wind power, offshore wind power, PV power plant and distributed PV power businesses, and laid a solid foundation for the transformation to a clean, high-efficient, diversified green low-carbon enterprise.


In 2016, the company's number of utilization hours for wind power was 1618, and that for PV power was 1255. The annual utilization hours for renewable energy projects were higher than the local average level, increasing 8.02 percent on a year-on-year basis.


2. Gas-fired power generation technology optimization


SEP resorted to independent research and development of overhaul technology, studying frontier technology for gas turbines and natural gas-related technology, pushed forward gas turbine construction steadily, improved the proportion of gas-fired power generation orderly, boosted distributed energy supply development, and further transformed to a clean power structure.


III. Innovating "PV plus" development model


SEP innovated the construction model of PV power plant in those areas in shortage of land resources with clever combination of PV power plant with fishpond and farmland, which not only enabled local residents to enjoy the green benefit brought by renewable energy, but also promoted common development of local farming and fishery industries.


The company followed the ecological environmental protection concept strictly in the site selection, planning and designing and construction stages of PV power plant, in order to save the land resources and protected local ecological environment; it created a series of "PV plus" new models including "agriculture-PV hybrid" and "fishery-PV hybrid", making positive contributions to saving land resources, promoting agricultural and fishery development and protecting ecological environment.


1. Fishery-PV hybrid and value sharing


For fishery-PV hybrid power projects, PV panel support brackets are installed above the water surface and along the banks of the pond, with no need to occupy the agricultural, industrial and residential land, and thus could save land resources effectively.


In addition, the PV panels provide good shelter for fish farming, so that clean energy is produced above the water and good-quality fish and shrimp are produced underwater.


SEP actively developed fishery-PV hybrid power projects, and successfully explored a brand new development model with clean energy, modern fishery and scientific and technological demonstration all rolled into one through the dynamic integration between PV power generation and fishery development.


2. Agriculture-PV hybrid and scientific land use


Agriculture-PV hybrid power projects could promote resource complementarity, and PV modules could extend the production cycle of farm crops and thus enhance their quality; the growth of farm crops could help cool down part of PV modules and thus could increase the power generation efficiency of units.


Moreover, agriculture-PV hybrid power projects could solve the damage of energy projects to environment, increase the land yield, and enhance comprehensive environmental protection in the planting and cultivation phases.


The company is committed to realizing integrated and multi-dimensional comprehensive utilization of light energy and land as well as green, high-yield and high-efficient agricultural planting through developing agriculture-PV hybrid power projects.


IV. Supporting development of circular economy


SEP has been proactively implementing the concept that green hills and clear waters are golden and silver mountains, continuing to conduct technological research on advanced and high-efficient gas-steam combine cycle power generation, combined cycle cogeneration unit operation optimization, etc., improving comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy unremittingly, and promoting sustainable development and utilization of resources and energy. Meanwhile, the company has been supporting the development of circular economy positively, exploring the implementation of circular economy projects, facilitating circular utilization of resources, and striving to realize multi-win of economic, social and environmental benefits.


V. Leading Chinese technologies to "go global"


While promoting green development through innovation, SEP has forged cooperation with enterprises based in Shanghai and around China, and led numerous Chinese enterprises to go global together, making contributions to export of domestic technologies, equipment and labor services.

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