Cs.com.cn: 'Large Polluters' Quicken Green Transformation, Enhance Environmental Protection Information Disclosure

Thanks to President Xi Jinping's remark that "green hills and clear waters are golden and silver mountains", A-share companies have been actively implementing green development concept, expanding investment in environmental protection, and striving to realize green transformation through energy conservation, emission reduction, and transformation to renewable energy, energy-saving and environmental protection industries, under the general guidance of improving environmental quality.


Meanwhile, listed companies strengthened environmental information disclosure in line with the guidelines of the regulators. Steel, coal and electricity enterprises, once regarded as "large polluters", have taken the initiative to remove outdated capacity and started the road to green transformation.


According to the latest report of "Enterprise Environmental Information Disclosure Index" released by Environmental Economics Research Center of Fudan University, SEP ranked top among 170 listed companies surveyed, with comprehensive and detailed disclosure of environmental information in its annual report, environmental report and social responsibility report.


Li Zhiqing, Deputy Director of Environmental Economics Research Center of Fudan University, said that listed companies in the electricity industry had a comparatively good performance in the report. Once as "large polluters", electricity enterprises have been devoting greater effort to energy conservation, emission reduction and technical reform in recent years, with timely releasing to the public regarding the related development.


In the meantime, regulators have been reinforcing supervision on environmental protection information disclosure of listed companies, including requiring those companies omitting the disclosure of important information on environmental protection to release supplementary disclosure report.


In June 2017, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and Ministry of Environmental Protection signed the Cooperation Agreement on Jointly Conducting Environmental Information Disclosure Work on Listed Companies. Jiang Yang, Vice Chairman of CSRC, expressed that the regulators will guide the consciousness of enhancing environmental protection responsibility for the capital market participants from the aspects of supervision concept, system design, approval and check, daily supervision, etc., execute related laws and regulations strictly, and support and encourage the development of green industry.

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