SPIC Website: Minghua Electric Power Wins National Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, China's State Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016 was unveiled, and "Key technology and application for low-frequency fault diagnosis on large-scale wind power and hydropower generation units" from Shanghai Minghua Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (Minghua Electric Power) was honored the second prize, which was the best complement to the company for its long-term insistence on the concept of "Forward thinking, industrial development and practical results", and also the fruitful result of SEP due to respecting science and technology talents and focusing on technological innovation.


Minghua Electric Power, formerly East China Electric Power Test Research Institute, is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai engaged in technical supervision, technical services, technology consulting and technological R&D specialized in thermal power, hydropower and new energy power generation. Since SEP acquired 100 percent stake of the company in July 2012, Minghua Electric Power has been focusing more on the development of energy service sector, accumulating innovative strength to tap high-end application market, and striving to create a whole chain of technical services, in order to build up a broad stage for researchers to realize their life value.


Guided by the scientific and technological development concept of "Forward thinking, industrial development and practical results", Minghua Electric Power has been actively constructing science and technology innovation guarantee system, and making a number of achievements in key technical areas such as coal-fired power, CCGT, nuclear power (conventional island), hydropower and new energy, with full of innovative highlights and scientific research fruits. In recent years, the company has won more than 70 science and technology awards of provincial-level, municipal-level, bureau-level or above, 63 patents including 31 invention patents and 12 software copyright authorizations, has acquired all the qualifications and certifications required for carrying out businesses, including ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 system certifications granted by prestigious international certification organizations, and has been granted the title of National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness for four consecutive years. As the first 4A-class scientific research enterprise with standardized good behavior rated by China Electricity Council, the company has its customers around over 10 provinces and municipalities of China and expanding to Asian and European market, with rapid growth of its technological level.


As a knowledge-intensive high-tech enterprise, the company paid attention to introducing high-end talents with technical specialty and market development ability, stood at the technology frontier, focused on the front line of scientific research and production, established a series of scientific research project cluster with industrialized prospects, formed a positive cycle of "laboratory research, commercial production and engineering application", with the core technology innovation capability improved continuously, and made breakthroughs in a number of R&D and application sectors, among which "Key technology and application for low-frequency fault diagnosis on large-scale wind power and hydropower generation units" was a remarkable achievement made in hydropower and wind power sector.


Thanks to the support from multiple projects in various countries and regions, "Key technology and application for low-frequency fault diagnosis on large-scale wind power and hydropower generation units", through over ten years' R&D, obtained 20 invention patents, filed for 45 software copyrights, and released over 40 SCI papers. According to testing and certification of state-level measurement and testing department, the project's low-frequency sensor system is superior to the CTC sensor, which is considered as the best sensor in the world, and its low-frequency fault diagnosis system, compared with the Bentley system, has plentiful software analysis methods and the range of low-frequency analysis covers 0.05 Hz.


Under the new situation of full market competition, Minghua Electric Power is braced for relying on innovative concept, highlighting high-end businesses of electricity industry chain, strengthening industry-university-research cooperation, accelerating result conversion and industrialization, seeking win-win together with customers and partners, in order to secure a strong position in the market. All the researchers of the company are devoted to providing support for SEP's occupation of "two commanding heights" with their diligence and steady and solid step, and making contributions to China's energy improvement and development.

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