China Electric Power News: Tianji Power Plant Boosts Outsourcing Engineering Safety Management

SEP Tianji Power Plant under the flag of SPIC has implemented matrix management and informatization management on its outsourcing projects and outsourcing teams, leaving no dead space for safety management. As of January 20, 2017, the power plant had been in safe operation for 2,081 consecutive days.


The power plant designated a special management person for every outsourcing team, responsible for communication, coordination and management of respective outsourcing team, participating in safety activities carried out by outsourcing team, conducting inspection on safety management of outsourcing team, conveying safety management requirements from the power plant to outsourcing team timely, assisting in and guiding outsourcing team to complete basic management, improve the basic level of safety management and capability, and meet the management requirements of the power plant, while avoiding safety management loopholes from non-production teams of outsourcing companies.


The power plant developed the "Informatization system for lean outsourcing engineering safety management", which, after its official launch, would realize informatization and standardization of basic work in outsourcing engineering safety management as well as data sharing, increase safety controls and enhance relevant management capacity in outsourcing projects.

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