SPIC WeChat: In 2017, Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work Hard Together With SPIC!

The year of 2017 is coming,

Our strivers,

There is a new journey for you to start with SPIC,

Are you ready?

Look! Here come some colleagues,

They have just "rolled up their sleeves and worked hard"!

At the beginning of the new year,

Let's see what expectations our colleagues have for SPIC.



In the practice of international operation, I will do my best to become a striver in market development, a practitioner in value creation, a participator in win-win cooperation and a disseminator of "Harmony" Culture.

--Katsuta Masafumi, SEP Japan



I feel glad to become a foreign employee of SPIC, and feel proud to be running on SPIC's road of "Corner Overtaking".

--David Griscti, SEPM



Roll up our sleeves and work hard, and strive to realize the goal to "Build another SEP by 2020" in advance.

--Chen Fan, EMBA Electricity Production Inc.

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