SPIC Website: SEP Honored Municipal Advanced Company for Public Security Maintaining

On December 22, SEP was honored the title of "Advanced Company for Public Security Maintaining in 2016" in Shanghai. The selection and commendation work leading group was composed of Security Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Public Security Association for Enterprises and Institutions and other related organizations.


In recent years, SEP has been earnestly implementing its public security work in compliance with the related work arrangements of the central and Shanghai municipal governments as well as the group company SPIC, centering on building Shanghai into a megalopolis with public security system for enterprises and institutions, combining professional safeguarding and work for the masses through strengthening security organization, team construction and mass prevention and mass treatment work. As a result, the company has established a sound and long-term security mechanism, enhanced the ability to control the internal security safeguarding situation, and eliminated various hidden troubles of public security within the company, in order to maintain the public order of the company and the society, and make contribution to the urban security and social security stability of Shanghai.

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