SPIC Website: SEP Subsidiaries, Employees Win Awards from ACFTU

Recently, a number of groups and individuals from SEP were awarded prizes from All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). Among them, SEP Caojing Power Plant Labor Union won the title of “National Model Staff Family”, SEP Iraq Wassit Power Plant Operation Department Labor Union won the title of “National Model Staff Home”, and Jiang Fan, Labor Union Chairman of SEP Operation Company was honored as “Outstanding National Labor Union Official”.



For the past few years, under the leadership of the group company, various levels of labor unions of SEP have been positively implementing the four functions of safeguarding, construction, participation and education, solidifying groundwork, innovating ideas, standardizing management, and continuous enhancing the political, advanced and mass nature of labor unions in the process of promoting “Four Transformation”. A number of advanced unions and staff have emerged during this period, and the above who received ACFTU awards were the outstanding representatives of them.

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