From Shanghai Electric Power workers of the Turkish Atlas Project Department participating in G20 Summit security works

The much-anticipated G20 Summit was held from November 15 to November 16 in Antalya, Turkey. When the Shanghai Electric Power employees engaging in the Atlas Project had successfully carried out their duties and were ready to return to China, they were invited by Chinese Embassy in Turkey to assist with the security works for the G20 Summit. All the staffs felt great enthusiasm and honor by such invitation and were determined to fulfill the glorious mission.


The recent multiple terrorist attacks in Paris has compounded the severity of global security situation. For safety concern, the Antalya G20 Summit had raised security to the highest level. Mr. Gao Fei, the Police Affair Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Turkey, hosted the mobilization meeting and assigned security works for the staff. He stressed that everyone should strengthen self-protection on the one hand, but should, on the other hand, protect China’s dignity and present national glamour through good behaviors in performing the security duties.


On November 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Antalya, Turkey. Following the requirements of the Embassy, all the Atlas Project workers stuck  to their corresponding posts and were concentrated and dedicated. Their dedication had greatly impressed the Chinese in Turkey and the Turkish people. On November 16, the Summit brought a successful close. The passion of all the staffs were ignited when they saw President Xi’s motorcade passing through. Loud cheers rang out continuously. At that moment, they could not be more proud for the growing power of China!


Workers of the Project had successfully completed the G20 Summit security tasks and their devotion has been greatly acknowledged by the Chinese Embassy in Turkey and also brings great honor to Shanghai Electric Power.

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