State Power Investment Corporation website: Shanghai Electric Power Tianji Power Plant Second Phase Project Won National Quality Engineering Award Gold Medal

It is learned from the document Decision On the Commending of 2014-2015 National High Quality Project Award (Z.S.Q.X.Z. (2015) No. 61) issued by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management on Nov. 18 that, through strict preliminary examination, recheck on the project site, review procedures, Anhui Tianji Power Plant Second Phase Extension Project achieved top honor award for project construction quality in China---“2014-2015 National Quality Engineering Award Gold Medal”. This is another national-level honor following “Luban Award” for Tianji Power Plant First Phase Project. This Award not only improves enterprise brand image of SPIC andSEP effectively, but also lays solid foundation for the Power Plant to further expand market and enhance competitiveness.


“National High Quality Project” Award, a national-level quality award in project construction field of China,wasapproved by the State Counciland established in 1981. As a means to strengthen the quality managementof key projectsin China, this Award enjoys a highreputation in project construction fieldwith its authority, normalization, instructiveness and demonstration, and plays a significantrole inimproving constructionquality and promoting healthy development of national economy in China. This Award, assessed by CACEM, is the earliest, highest grade, cross-industryand cross-discipline national honorary award in project construction industry. Totally 225 projects achieved National High Quality Project Award at this time, of which merely 8 projects achieved Gold Medal.


73 technological innovations and design optimizations have been made in Tianji Power Plant Second Phase Project to realize heat consumptionreduction of the unit,energy conservation and emission reduction etc., which is a successful practice of international advanced technology and technological innovation applications. Using advanced 27MPa/600℃/620℃ installation scheme, The Projectadopts 600MW ultra supercritical π coal-fired boiler with reheat steam temperature up to 623℃for the first time in China and even in the world. After the unit was put into operation, the main technical specificationsreached or exceeded design values, achieved historic breakthrough with the key technical and economic specifications of 600MW unit entering the advanced level ranks among MW units,and created good economic and social benefits.


There is a far way to go, wide market to expand, and there are many difficulties to overcome, soaring aspirations to realize. For Tianji Power Plant Second Phase Project, things that verify its success are not merely this dazzling “Gold Medal”, an attitude, a spirit, a persistency and precipitant fighting strength, team spirit of pursuing superexcellence, all-conquering masculinity exist behind the “Gold Medal”. In the past, Tianji Power Plant explored in practice continuously, made breakthrough in drawing on the experience, improved itself in innovations; nowadays, in addition to doubly cherish the hard-earned honor, Tianji Power Plant has prepared ready to undertake more tasks, overcome more difficulties, make more and more efforts, more and more extensive development ……


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