China Electric Power News: Changxing Island Power Plant: no safety failures for 6000 days

By the midnight on September 3rd this year, Shanghai Changxing Island No. 2 Power Plant has been operated for 6000 days safe and sound.

Changxing Island power plant, just an ordinary small power plant, creates a miracle by taking entirely seventeen years that a plant can live without any safety accidents since its founding and it is this small plant who writes a new chapter in the history of China electric power.

Each a Changxing Island power plant man has grown up here and gone through seventeen years of trials and hardships. It is their perseverance that makes themselves get over it.

“Between broken rocks striking my root deep, I bite the mountain green and won’t let go.”

On July 29th, 1998, the plant emerged in response to solve the problem of severe shortage of power in the islands of Changxing and Hengsha. It was born for safety, that is to say, that all works should follow the safety principle since its founding. At the early days of establishment, they introduced the mature managerial experience and stable safety philosophy of Shanghai Electric Power Company to Changxing Island and made safe and orderly production. Changxing Island Power Plant can exist mainly owing to its particular geographical environment and effect. With the development of building national marine equipment island and ecological island in Changxing area, the plant has becoming more and more important in supplying heat through pipe to those shipbuilding factories located south of the Yangtze River and industrial parks.

Safety in production concerns the survival of a power plant no matter how much MW the installed capacity is. It will be very hard to carry out safety production since the plant was a traditional one with limited installed capacity, aged equipment and poor skills level of the workers. The leaders fully recognized all these problems so they carried out a series of specific safety management activities to cope with it.

Precise knowledge of self and precise knowledge of the threat leads to victory — Attack by Stratagem, The Art of War. They focused on the seasonal production safety check, followed the core principle of “No breaking regulations, Personal Protection and Controlling Unplanned Outage”, and took measures to do examination in each production team and offer advice to them on the basis of the requirement of QHSE system and the features in each season. They also actively formulated and rectified implementation plan and acceptance plan, assigned works to fulfill duties by the chance of achieving the production safety standard. Till the end of June last year, the plant succeeded to overhaul 69 problematic issues. Regarding the system, 37 safety management systems, such as “Standard Performance Appraisal System” and “Work Tickets Management System”, were drawn up and amended, bound in book form and handed out to each production post. In August last year, they finished the third round safety work and the score was up to 90.6%. For those problematic issues that could not be rectified in a short time, they would handle them in accordance with annual overhaul plan and made remediation action and maintenance schedule. Finally they finished all of them ahead of the re-appraisal.

“From whichever direction the winds leap, I remain strong, though dealt many a blow.”

Pinpointing the safety responsibility and laying emphasis on the “control”.

It must be someone’s carelessness once safety problems happen. This plant strictly monitored to carry out the safety responsibility system and assigned works to each position. They amended the “All Levels of Personnel on Duty Management System” for many times so that the worker who was in charge of the management system can work more feasibly and gradually boosted to implement the safety system with the breadth and width.

On April 13th, the power grid Fengxian 322/330 and Changxian 331/337 lines were out of service.  At that time there was no power supply except the power used for basic life in the plant. As for the starting procedure, it was equal for a new-built power plant to a first start one from the “utter darkness” to the outside supply, together with the unit overhaul and temporary power connections, the whole work became the most difficult one for the first time since its establishment. In order to handle it well, the plant made safety analysis in details for the power stop and enacted special safety security measures on the basis of the risk identification and preventive control of QHSE. Meanwhile, in case things went wrong under the condition of lacking fire fighting water and important equipment power, the plant enacted many emergency plans and site disposal steps, for example the “fire control”, “emergencies defending”, “drainage system collapse” and “outside power delay”, and also contacted the squadron of fire fighter and administration of power supply to arrange two fire trucks and movable power supply trolley staying in the plant against unexpected needs. A whole day passed from the preparation before the full power stop to recover the normal and stable operation at midnight of 14th, all the stuffs fulfilled duties in their position and the security central division monitored the whole process works to ensure each overhaul and operation ran well. They carefully supervised each step and key point and calmly dealt with each unexpected case, all of which helped to bring about the complete success.

Stepping into the production team in the workshop, we browsed the safety management account in recent years and found that the safety goal shown in the first page was very practical. For example, one of the production team had a “0003” target, namely,  “No breaking regulations for individual, no errors for production team, no safety failures throughout the year and achieving three hundred days safe operation”. To achieve the safety goal, they completed all the safety management systems and offprint the “safety management system” to each post and team for regulating the safety behavior of workers.

Started from last March, the plant gradually boosted and developed the safe and healthy environment management system construction work. In the end of June, the edit of “Hazard Identification and Risk Database” was done. In the end of November, they finished the system documents’ edit, including one first-level document(“Management Manual”), 37 second-level documents(procedures and standards) and the correspondent third-level document(rules and regulations and operation instruction). Early December, they were issued officially. Last year, the system had been carried out effectively into daily works to make sure that this system construction work could fully cover all the aspects with high quality.

Emphasizing site supervision and being “strict” to all works.

In the past few years, the construction projects increased, mainly including the modification works of desulfurization and denitrification, heat supply of the eastern extension line, heat supply of the northern line and overhaul of chimney, etc. In order to overcome all the negative factors, such as limited times, heavy tasks, workers from different positions and the hardness of high altitude safety management, they took effective safety measures strictly for the high risk projects. During the construction period of anti-corrosion of chimney inner walls, they strengthened to examine the security on site, implemented each-level’s guardianship system and fundamentally prevented and controlled the potential safety risks. Besides, the plant focused on the “dynamic management and site management”. Dynamic management means that the leaders together with one team do weekly examination while site management refers to the professional check from functional departments. Whether the problem was found through the examination or the matters causing bad consequence, the relative department should carry out close-loop management  base on the principle of “Four Not Permitted Principle: cause of trouble has not been clear, not permitted; the responsible person has not seriously investigated the trouble, not permitted; the masses has not got the relative education, not permitted; precautionary measures have not been implemented, not permitted.” and supervised them to hurry rectification. Everything must be realistic for safety production. They seriously criticized and properly handle those violations. Luckily, the problems could be rectified effectively relying on the close-loop management.

During the overhaul of units, security and environment protection department led all the members and maintenance company to establish a work group named “Day to day examination”, mainly inspecting the violations and potential risks on safeguard facilities in the region of overhaul, electrical work, high altitude work, crane facilities, tool machines, operation orders and work tickets, fire protection, outsourcing construction teams, hot work management, dangerous goods management, vehicles management and civilized production. 78 non-conformance term and 4 rectification bills were pointed out during the overhaul of No. 2 unit. At the same time, the plant did region management according to the overhaul documents and Job Safety Analysis(JAS) and led other overhaul regions to rectify by the model of the best work zone selected during this period. They followed the PDCA procedure to rectify and check item by item so that the whole process of rectified projects got monitored and any loopholes or dead area in the safety management had no chance to show up.

There were large quantities of operations during the overhaul, for example, only the steam engine was started up and shut down for more than ten times. Therefore, the plant paid much attention to check the implementation of new version work ticket system. The plant stressed that the work ticket should be written correctly and adopted the principle of “one who signs will be responsible for it and the one who examines will be responsible for it” to implement the work ticket responsibility system. The overhaul totally involved 153 sets of work tickets, including the correspondent work sheet ticket, limited space ticket, scaffold work ticket, hot work ticket, operation ticket and some test sheets and electric secondary sheets which were applied regularly.

Through these years’ rectification, the “Three Violations”(violations of commanding, operating and labor discipline) has been almost avoided. They lay more and more emphasizes on the site control and the down-to-earth work while try to prevent any potential risks at the beginning instead of controlling accidents. They continue to master and improve the safety basic work requirements and methods by supervising each department’s basic safety network, help production teams to create a good and safety culture atmosphere, and push along the operation to be all safe in the on-going examination and supervision.


Handling the unexpected cases by emergency plans and highlighting the “careful” work style.


Located at the Yangtze estuary, it is of great importance that Changxing Island power plant copes with the flood and typhoon prevention work every year. So they made preparations in advance to prevent the flood and typhoon. On July 9th, 2015, Typhoon Lotus, Chan-hom and Nangka made landfall together, bringing with theirs severe winds and heavy rainsa and Shanghai was influenced by Typhoon Chan-hom. According to the forewarning from Chongming weather bureau, the plant immediately started emergency plans. It was weekends when typhoon hit. Therefore they requested all the stuff back to their position and established emergency squad to against the unexpected accidents. The fuel department organized to rescue about 2000 tonns coal 3 days ago, then the coal consumption of 10 days or more storage can be assured. All the goods and materials for preventing flood and typhoon were in place and they did test on the first line on-off door along the river to prevent flood to ensure no accidents happen when flood and typhoon came.
The  lesson drawn from “8?12” explosion in Tianjin made the plant positively carry out special works  of “Six Striking and Six Governing” to fight any illegal actions and violations and inspected the hazardous chemicals, flammable and combustible goods and fatal danger fountainhead regions. The liquid ammonia applied in the denitration system was a key area which needs more attention. So they drew up the “ammonia management system”, implemented safety responsibility system and organized operating workers to do anti-accident maneuver of liquid ammonia leakage to improve their practical strain capacity and handling ability.

Salt tide invasion has always been a headache for the power plant. It invaded for 42 days last year. The normal chlorine radix should be below 200, but it was hard to believe that the highest one reached about 2000 which seriously threatened the operation. Changxing Island power plant started the emergency plan at once, strengthened patrol examination and adjusted water treatment feed intake to save the boiler water and finally passed through this period safely.

The three words “control” “strict” and “careful” are the “Three Character Classics” of safety production for Changxing Island power plant and also the magic weapons to guarantee the safety production for 6000 days. The safety advantage register of this plant in recent four year recorded: “twice of first-grade advantage and 9 times of second-grade advantage in 2011; twice of first-grade advantage and 11 times of second-grade advantage in 2012; one time of special grade advantage, 4 times of first-grade advantage and 17 times of second-grade advantage in 2013; 3 times of first-grade advantage, 9 times of second-grade advantage in 2014, which is not only the accumulation of numbers, but also is the successful fruit of their attention paid to safety production and an annotation to their hard works on safety production.

One should move forward even if attaining some achievements.

One hundred years ago, Zheng Banqiao, one of the “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou”, once wrote a poem inscribed on painting, “Between broken rocks striking my root deep, I bite the mountain green and won’t let go. From whichever direction the winds leap, I remain strong, though dealt many a blow.” (Xing Quanchen’s version). Now people worked in Changxing Island power plant succeed to compose an island poem about no safety failures in 6000 days with their effort and sweat.
Actions speak louder than words. As Gao Jianlin, the director of the plant, said in the annual work report that the true belief will never be looking at “landscape”. Everyone should plunge into the daily production and work feeling like part of it. Whether encountering any difficulties, we should never say the giving up. Where there is a will, there is a way. When coming to a hill, cut a road and when coming to a river, build a bridge. We must spare no efforts to fight with difficulties and do not keep away from the tough things.


They still keep alert even if they gain some achievements. They adhere to the “Three-Iron Spirit” to make sure that all the works, including safety production of enterprise, stability of the workforce and development of projects can be done orderly and smoothly. In 2015, they will regard “Seven No Happens and One Guarantee as the main objective and follow the main line of “Based on safety production and further to control the implementation of ‘safe and healthy environment system’ work”. They will strive for further improvement with the main objective kept in their mind.


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