SPIC website: SEP Endeavor to Overfulfill Yearly Target Tasks

On August 12, SPIC holds a forum with heads of affiliated enterprises in Shanghai. Chairman Wang Binghua affirms the achievements enterprises have made, which greatly inspires SEP staffs. He puts forward “Four Bases” requirements on Shanghai enterprises, which greatly stimulates staffs’ passions to make contributions for the enterprises’ development. After the meeting, SEP staffs study the spirits of Chairman Wang Binghua’s speech and are determined to actually implement the speech spirit in their works.


Centering on SPIC strategic target of “building an innovative, international energy enterprise group”, combined with “Four Bases” and following the model of “sharing resources, complementing each other’s advantages, developing foreign market as a team and achieving win-win cooperation”, SEP would like to cooperate with Shanghai local enterprises and realize new development in the new normal condition. Depend on lean management and technology innovation, SEP will continue to be the pioneer of international clean energy explorers” and endeavors to “build an important corridor for SPIC asset securitization and financing platform for strategic development”.


After the forum, major leaders of SEP and some other section chiefs visit Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd., Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute to learn their advanced experiences and collaborate with Shinaidi Company on the distributed energy supply and PV projects; for the overseas projects, SEP actively cooperates with SPIC to implement the overseas nuclear power strategy, unite and complement advantages with affiliated units of SPIC to develop South Africa market; for the commissioning and personnel training of thermal power plant, SEP develops deep cooperation with Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute and the Advanced Training Center. Recently, the company invited Deputy Director of Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department in SPIC, Mr.Liu Wei, to give a special lecture titled “Basics of Nuclear Power and the Industry Development” for SEP leaders and other 110 section chiefs.

As one of the backbone enterprises of the Group Company, under the firm leadership of the Group Company, Shanghai Electric has gained strong supports from Shanghai Municipal and Shanghai Government and carries out win-win cooperation with local enterprises. At the same time, the company puts forth efforts to enhance “four kinds of consciousnesses” and improve “four kinds of abilities”. Additionally, Shanghai Electric has made solid achievements in such aspects as developing the overseas market, promoting energy saving and emission reduction, optimizing industrial distribution, building modern services, encouraging domestic equipment development and making application demonstrations. Based on such resources, Shanghai Electric will strive to realize the annual target tasks of the Group Company!

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