SPIC Website: SEP Vigorously Promotes Normative Application of VI System

In order to implement requirements of SPIC to promote normative application of VI system, SEP convenes and holds VI system videophone conference for the affiliated domestic and overseas units on Oct. 30, 2015,  as well as arranges mobilization and deployment.


Since SPIC initiates the work this year, SEP fully recognizes the significance and urgency of timely, united, normative application of SPIC VI system, attaches great importance and acts actively, regards VI system as a powerful handgrip to enhance the sense of identity, belonging and cohesiveness for the insiders, and to strengthen audience awareness, spread corporate culture, create brand image of SPIC for the outsiders, vigorously promote the application according to the unified deployment of  SPIC.


SPIC VI system includes seven aspects, including environmental identity, advertising, office affairs, public relation affairs, reception services, apparel and accessories, transportation facilities; the work features tight time, heavy task and high requirements. SEP establishes organizational framework to implement responsibilities level by level, establishes contact working mechanism to implement responsibilities to individuals. Combined with actual situations, SEP formulates special implementation scheme, deploys work objectives, organizational guarantee, work plan and work content, safeguard measures etc for promotion of VI system. It is divided into four phases including early preparation stage, implementation stage, acceptance and arrangement stage, correction and summary stage, which lays solid foundation for the completion of works.


Through sufficient preparations at early stage, SEP VI system construction has entered into comprehensive promotion and implementation stage. Under unified deployment of SPIC, SEP will adhere to high standard, high quality, vigorously promote the application in the affiliated domestic and overseas units, ensure fulfillment of the work tasks on schedule. In routine operation and development, no matter internal utilization or external propaganda and communication, the company will consciously normalize the use of LOGO identification of SPIC, create uniform corporate image of SPIC. SEP will take the construction of VI system as an opportunity to promote the construction of corporate culture surrounding “Harmony” concept of SPIC, forge cultural advantages, improve core competitiveness for sustainable development of the company.

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