SPIC Website: SEP Implements Safety Production Measures with ‘Three Iron’ spirit

In order to learn lessons from the Tianjin warehouse blast on August 12, SEP required all the staff to study the important speeches of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on safety production and further implement SPIC’s requirements on safety production. Based on the principle of ‘People oriented, life prevails’, SEP will fully carry out safety responsibility and firmly defend the red line of safety production. With the “Three Iron” spirit, i.e. to supervise duty fulfillment with poker face, treat regulation violation with iron hands and eliminate hidden danger with determined heart, the company will ensure smooth and orderly progress of key work such as safety production, staff stability and project development.


Caojing Power Plant paid special attention to safety production from three aspects. Firstly, implement duty fulfillment impartially. The power plant required the staff to learn lessons from the safety accidents which happened in China and in the industry recently, establish the concept of safe development and always put personal security in the first place. The plant also checked the loopholes in the responsibility system including entity responsibility of the power plant, in-position responsibility of leaders at various levels and safety production responsibility of the staff so as to ensure the full coverage of responsibility system for the whole staff. Secondly, carry out anti-violation of regulations with iron hands. The plant was under construction of ultra-low-emission project of Unit 1 and the B-class maintenance. Thus, a special anti-violation inspection team was set up to conduct on-spot tours every day to ensure outsourcing operation safety and no violation on regulations. Thirdly, eliminate hidden danger of equipment with determined heart. In accordance with the requirement, the plant conducted all-round safety production inspection, with in-depth checking on regulations, technological standards, hidden danger of equipments, dangerous chemical management as well as ledger and tool management, especially the key areas such as coal yard, liquid ammonia station, hydrogen station and oil station. The hidden danger would be listed and required to be removed from the list only after being eliminated so as to ensure the equipments 100 percent in good condition.


Luojing Gas-fired Power Plant also carried out extensive and detailed safety inspection, especially on inflammables, explosives and dangerous chemicals warehouse. A special inspection team led by the major leaders the plant checked the safety measures taken in key dangerous areas including the flanges of pipes in the natural gas and oil systems and the sealing of valves. The team also recorded the unhandled inflammables, explosives and other areas with hidden danger and made improvement plans on site, in order to solve the problem immediately. In addition, the team conducted preconceived accident analysis on potential danger zones and attempted to identify what needed to be fixed in emergency measures and escape routes. It was an all-round inspection covering various fields including system construction, basic management and field production.


Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation Co., Ltd. had an overall inspection on the facilities and operations of areas such as warehouse, hydrogen production station, chemical operation plant and main power house. Led by the GM of the power plant, the inspection team checked all the key areas strictly and thoroughly, recorded the problems discovered one by one. The plant held a special inspection rectification work meeting on the next day, reporting problems and hidden danger and working out a rectification plan with well-defined responsible department and the timetable. The plant required the staff to learn lessons from the Tianjin warehouse blast on August 12 and further strengthen the management of inflammables, explosives and dangerous chemicals combined with daily safety examination and special operation against illegal practices and violations of safety production, with an aim to ensure sustainable and steady safety production.

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