SPIC Website: Kanshan Power Plant Rehabilitation Project Awarded Government Subsidy

To carry out the deployment for energy saving and emission reduction by Jiangsu provincial government, SEP Jiangsu Kanshan Power Generation Co., Ltd. accelerated the implementation of key energy saving work to ensure the accomplishment of energy saving objective for the 12th Five-Year Plan. Kanshan Power Plant actively carried out technical renovation of energy saving and consumption reduction. From October 2014 to February 2015, the plant successively finished the connection work between the two induced draft fans which have been installed frequency conversion devices, with remarkable energy-saving effect after implementation.


In light of the government subsidy policy for energy-saving rehabilitation projects, Production and Technology Department of Kanshan Power Plant prepared application materials for energy-saving technical renovation subsidy, in accordance with the requirement of “Notice on the Application of Special Funds for Transformation and Upgrading of Provincial Industry and Information Industry” by Finance Department and Economic and Information Technology Commission of Jiangsu province. Recently, the power plant was granted 1 million yuan rehabilitation subsidy from the government.

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