China Power Website: SEP Strives to Exceed Annual Target

On August 5, 2015, SEP held 2015 Mid-term Work Conference, with the keynote of “Keeping the Mission in Mind, Carrying Out Strategic Concept, Striving to Exceed Annual Target”. On the conference, the company reviewed and summarized the major work in the first half of the year, in light of the group company’s strategy, analyzed the current situation, set the new tasks and objectives, and deployed the main work for the second half of 2015.

During the first half of the year, SEP conscientiously implemented the rectification measures for auditing and inspection issues, which made the company’s business management more standardized.  Steadily pushing forward reform, innovation and Party construction, SEP turned out with more vitality and potential as well as improved working style and image.

SEP was awarded the title of “National Civilized Company” for the first time in February, and the company was granted the title of “Civilized Companies of Shanghai” together with nine of its subsidiaries in April. SEP was also honored the title of “Peace Demonstration Company” of Shanghai, the first prize for management of national electricity industry, and the title of “Advanced Group” of CPI. In addition, Phase II Extension Project of Tianji Power Plant was awarded “National Prize for High-Quality Investment Projects in 2014-2015”, “China Electric Power Quality Project Award of 2015”, which laid a solid foundation for the National Quality Project Gold Award.

As a public company, SEP has not only been keeping the AAA rating among Chinese credit rating agencies, but also evaluated as above investment grade by Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

In the second half of 2015, SEP will fully implement the spirit of the group company’s mid-term conference, persist in lawful, scientific and strict management of enterprise, adhere to restructuring, layout optimization, transformation and upgrading, give top priority to inspection and rectification, continue to strengthen reform, innovation and lean management, and strive to exceed the annual target, in order to make signification contribution to the good start of SPIC.

The company will diligently carry out inspection and rectification work, and make sure to complete the task on time. For each rectification task assigned by SPIC, SEP will have corresponding measure, objective, track record and result, with punctual submission of rectification report.
The company will attach importance to safety and environmental protection work, fight against misconduct, illegal practice and hidden danger, in order to ensure safety production and enterprise stability. In the meantime, keep social responsibility in mind, focus on technology innovation and work hard to achieve emission reduction target and environmental protection rehabilitation task. From the perspective of development, give priority to strengthening and speeding up overseas project preliminary work, ensure healthy and sustainable “Going Out”, actively implement South Africa development project, and assist SPIC in pushing forward South Africa nuclear power project. As to local project in Shanghai, the key is to achieve a zero breakthrough of new energy project. Fully reinforce and accelerate the preliminary work of domestic projects including project financing, in order to boost SPIC’s strategy implementation as well as sound and fast development of SEP.

Continue to deepen reform and innovation, and make sure that lean management improvement starts to show effect. Keep market-oriented, and improve incentive and constraint mechanism. Stay question-oriented, and enhance modern management level and efficiency. Proactively adapt to electricity system reform, and innovate the model and mechanism of market and project development.

Carry out special education on “Three Stricts and Three Honests”, and ensure smooth development of Party work style and clean government construction as well as anti-corruption. Have active thinking about the 13th Five Year Plan. Meanwhile, reflect on how to first build an innovative, international and modern state-owned comprehensive energy enterprise within SPIC, with advance planning of the work in 2016.

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