SPIC Website: SEP Carries out SPIC Security Conference Spirit to Ensure Summer Peak Demand

SEP held a meeting on July 7 to implement the requirements made by SPIC on the safety production videophone conference on July 2. During the meeting, SEP studied the important speeches of SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua and President Meng Zhenping. SEP will rearrange and confirm the implementation of safety production work of the next stage in accordance with the requirements by SPIC leaders to ensure the sustainable safety production at present and for the second half of 2015.


The leaders of SEP stressed that all the departments, subsidiaries and affiliated companies should study by heart and fully implement the speeches by SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua on the safety production conference and meanwhile learn lessons from the accidents which occurred in brother companies so as to improve production safety management practically and strengthen the duty fulfillment of production safety effectively. SEP will supervise duty fulfillment with poker face, treat regulation violation with iron hands and eliminate hidden danger with determined heart to ensure the sustainability and controllability of production safety.


Prominent problems and weak links of production safety should be addressed specially. Safety management on key fields such as contractors and hazardous operation should be reinforced and anti-violation of regulations and hidden danger elimination should be paid special attention to. The ability of safety risk prevention and control should be improved through comprehensive implementation of regulations. The construction of Safety Health Environment management system should be carried forward persistently by focusing on the performance assessment and management improvement so as to improve the long-term mechanism of production safety management and achieve the objective of mating practice with regulations.


Currently, the key tasks of production safety lie in preparation for the peak demand during summer as well as flood and typhoon prevention. SEP requires all the production companies especially their major leaders to stick to their own posts and direct operation on site, enforcing measures strictly and meeting work demands fully. All the departments should provide adequate services and meanwhile coordinate with and supervise on the key task of production safety, in order to meet the summer peak demand and pass the flood season safe and sound.

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