CPI Website: SEP Reinforces Lean Management Core Team Construction

  On May 17, 2015, SEP held a mobilization symposium for lean management core training class, when the major leaders of SEP and more than 30 staff from affiliated companies exchanged views.

  In the crucial stage of enterprise transformation, the comprehensive development of lean management improvement is the practical need for SEP to actively adapt to the new normal of China’s economic development and address the electricity system reform, the inevitable requirement to realize “Four Transformation”, the significant measure to strengthen the management foundation and further deepen the innovation and benefit-making initiatives, as well as the only way to accelerate the achievement of the company’s grand vision, including “building another SEP overseas” and “building a world-class energy enterprise”.

  SEP required all the trainees to hold a deep sense of honor firstly, and devote every effort to studying in order not to betray the company’s trust; to have a realistic sense of mission secondly, fully understand the necessity and importance of implementing lean management, gradually enhance the coverage of lean management improvement to every field of enterprise management, increase the overall value-creating capability and core competitiveness of the company, so as to have foresight in the intense market competition; to have a high sense of responsibility, acknowledge their own role, grow step by step into qualified internal trainers on lean management and lead more staff to participate in the company’s lean management improvement activities.

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