CPI Website: SEP Employee Zhang Haifeng Awarded Advanced Individual of Shanghai 2nd ‘Mother River Prize’

  On April 29, 2015, the awarding ceremony of the Second “Mother River Prize” was held in Shanghai. Zhang Haifeng, a young employee of SEP won the advanced individual of the Prize by his moving story named “protecting the mother river by all heart with a fishing rod over generations”.

  The Mother River Prize of Shanghai is a prize to carry out the work arrangement of protecting the mother river all over the country, which is co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Shanghai Water Authority, Shanghai Afforestation and City Administration Bureau, and Shanghai Youth Development Foundation. As an authoritative prize set by “Green Hope Project of Protecting Mother River” Leading Team in the field of ecological and environmental protection, the prize is awarded every other year to honor those individuals, groups and projects which make great contributions to the eco-environmental protection and eco-civilization development. It is also aimed to strengthen the awareness of ecological construction and environmental protection of the youth and the whole society and to encourage more and more people to participate in the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

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