China Power Investment Website: Shanghai Electric Power Taking Measures to Ensure Safe Heating

    Entering the fourth quarter, with the weather is increasingly cold, heating supply is increasingly important. As one of the main heat source point in Shanghai, SEP pays great attention to winter heating work and fulfills its social responsibility and ensures the completion of various tasks in 2014. To do this, SEP pays great attention to employee mobilization, effective protection of winter heating safety.

    The company first will strengthen safety in the process of production. We should learn lessons drawn from others' mistakes. SEP analyzes the heating accident cases, strengthens security and sense of responsibility and raises the workers’ awareness of safety and responsibility. On the basis of "winter safety inspection", SEP implements risk control concept of QHSE system, does a good job in the investigation and remediation of metering station meter casing, heating network hydrophobic point and heating cables and other hidden dangers. There are detailed records of equipment failure and defects. The company designates specialist to be responsible for the inspection and investigation. All these ensure the normal operation of the equipments and lay a good foundation for stable and quality heating.

    Second, the company will pay more attention to strengthen the technical management. Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. SEP carries out technical inspection on heating equipments, makes great efforts in implementation, and clarifies the equity management and the management scopes. Great efforts will be made in technical management of heating network and operation. Besides, the company organizes experts of the field of heating to build an expert panel, which is charge of the construction, investigation and evaluation of heating network.

    In addition, through the preparation and improvement of emergency plans, SEP improves the emergency response system, urges, guide and help the heating receivers to carry out accident exercises, which can test the effectiveness of the system and enhance the ability of front-line staff to deal with emergencies and ensure the stable supply of heating.

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