China Power Investment Website: SEP Technology Training Center Undertook the Training of the First Iraqi Trainees

     On November 8, SEP Technology Training Center finished the first training of 27 Iraqi trainees. These trainees came to China to have a-month training, which is one part of services provided by SEP power station operation and maintenance service project. This is helpful to the following progress in Iraqi project.

     SEP attaches great importance to the training of Iraqi trainees, set up a working group responsible for coordinating the training to deal with the issues. To ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of training, the technical training center, based on student characteristics and properties of the power plants, designed individualized curriculum, and arranged returned staff to serve as the instructor. This improved students’ learning initiative and effectiveness.

     The technical training center focused on the training process management. Through the timely adjustment of training programs, they increase school hours, coordinate and implement on-site trainings in three major power plants so as to meet the demands of the trainees. During the whole training, according to the students’ habits, the Center strived to do a good job in catering, accommodation and other logistics services. The standard, programmed and comprehensive services were highly appreciated by the trainees.

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