CPI website: Caojing Power Plant No. 2 Unit Began Flue Gas Clean Emissions Technological Modification

    SEP Caojing Power Plant No. 2 unit, as the demonstration environmental protection project of CPI Group and Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, began its clean emission technological modification on 11:57am June 15, 2014. It symbols Caojing Power Plant has made an on-going progress on clean and environmental emission control management.

    On the basis of wet desulfurization device with more than 98.2% efficiency and wetelectrical dust precipitator with 75% efficiency, this modification project will add third layer catalyst and tubular GGH to farthest reduce the concentration emission of dust, SO2 and NOX through comprehensive optimized operation. The modification will decrease the affect of PM2.5, gypsum rain, SO3 and mercury while completely solve the gypsum rain and white plume phenomenon. After modification, the gas emission index will far lower than the pollutant emission standard of coal-fired power plant which will be implemented in July 2014 and reach the requirement of national science and technology support program.

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