CPNN CPI website: SEP Ensures the Electricity Safety in this summer

    Before the summer peak, SEP makes detailed and careful planning in advance to ensure the electricity safe.

    As early as the end of May, SEP’s subsidies has made full preparation: checking the major equipment and facilities and made maintenance to ensure the operation safety.

    To deal with the possible severe weather this summer like thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail etc., SEP has formulated six measures as follows to ensure the electricity safety.

1.Comply with the requirements of the Country, local government and CPI Group and ensure electricity safety especially in the summer peak and flood and typhoon season.

2.Make sure the operation safety with strength leadership, clear responsible definition, careful arrangement and general mobilization.

3.Focus on the equipment management and control unplanned stop of units.

4.Catch the great opportunities on marketing development and fulfill the annual operation target.

5.Implement the minimum fuel inventory management strategy during the summer peak and flood and typhoon season.

6.Make the solid safety base by firmly boost QHSE system and other standard construction.

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