SEP Chairman Wang Yundan Visited Cheng Yonghua, Chinese Ambassador to Japan

    On 16th May, Chairman Wang Yundan visited Cheng Yonghua, Chinese Ambassador to Japan and introduced SEP and SEP Japan branch.

    Chairman Wang Yundan said that SEP is a subsidiary company of China Power Investment Corporation. As a qualified state-owned enterprises (SOE), SEP follows the SAC’s requirements and invests overseas while firmly implement CPI’s Going Out and Four Conversion developing strategies to create another SEP by 2020. Currently, SEP has two power plant projects in Japan--- one is in south port Osaka and the other is in Osan, Nasu. The completion ceremony of power plant project in Osaka will take place on May 18.

    Cheng Yonghua said that the Chinese embassy to Japan strongly support excellent state-owned enterprises like SEP to "going out", especially to developed country like Japan. While implement Going Out strategy, the SOEs can work with the Japanese firms in technological innovation, thus becoming the model of China-invested enterprise in Japan.

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