SEP Crowned First Prize of Shanghai Scientific-technical Progress

    During the meeting of Shanghai Scientific-technical Progress, SEP Sun Weidong, Wang Qinghua and Shen Congqi cooperated with Tongji University led the project‘Real-time Monitoring and Diagnostic Kits Technology in Large Energy Generators ULF Fault’ won the first prize.

    This project focuses on the monitoring of the vibration in large new energy generator units. It expands the principle of new technology, new methods and new technologies in low-frequency vibration testand develops non-periodic random disturbance vibration measurement techniques with high stability and long-lasting effectivenesswhilealso systematically carries out the application and development of real-time monitoring and diagnosis. It is a scientific and technological achievement made by Minghua Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., New Energy Development Company and Tongji University.

    The scientific and technological achievement has been widely used in wind power industry which is represented by Goldwind Technology. Hundreds of corporations such as China Three Gorges Corporation, Gezhouba Group Corporation, East Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station and East China Power Grid Company have used this technology resprectively which brought them good results and significant economic benefits. The low frequency monitoring and fault diagnosis technology in this project has been widely used in the domestic pumped storage industry. The third-party testing result shows that the technical indicators have been standing in the leading position domestically and have reached to the international level.

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