Tianji Power Plant No.4 Unit completed the 168-hour pilot run successfully

At 10 a.m. April 28, Tianji Power Plant No.4 unit completed the 168-hour pilot run successfully. During the pilot run, the average load of was 660.75MWwiththe 100.11% of average load rate.The largest load was 673.46MW. The maintechnical indicators were as follows: the main and reheat steam pressure were 27.82/5.03MPa; the main and reheat steam temperature were 596/622℃; the automatic and protection utilization rate were 100%; the vacuum value was -96.58kPa; theaverage value ofmainengine shaft vibration was 49μm; the desulfurization and denitrification facilities were administered simultaneously; and the gas emission met national standards.

The completion of the 168-hour pilot run marks Tianji Power Plant Phase II has started operation. Tianji Phase II has 2X660MW ultra-supercritical unitswiththe static investment of 4396.17 million Yuan and dynamic investment of 4634.67million Yuan. The project was designed by East China Electric Power Design Institute. Shanghai Electric Group was the boilers, turbines and generators supplier. The main work adopted sophisticated installation scheme of 27MPa/600℃/620℃and designed coal consumption is 280g/kWh and the reheat steam temperature is 620 ℃. Meanwhile, highly efficient electrostatic dust, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification facilities are equipped in the units. There is no flue gas bypass and GGH. The induced draft fan and booster fan are amalgamated. Furthermore, the main work adopted 21 major optimized design schemes, including host high parameters, cold-end optimization, low temperature economizer and ESP rotating electrodes. Particularly, it is the first time to adopt two ∏-shape boilers at home and abroad. Four months ago, the Unit 3 in Tianji was put into operation successfully, indicatedthat the reheat steam temperature parameters in Π-type boiler is currently the highest one, while the Unit 4 will surely further completed and modificatedthe operation data.

Now we retrospect the arduous construction in the past 20 months.Under the correct leadership of shareholders, with the joint efforts of all participating units, the cadres and employees made great efforts and unite as one. Despite the difficulties and unfavorable factors, such as tight schedule, short of supply, complex and new technologies and continuous high temperature, they showed enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. They managed to promote the orderly progress with high quality and standards---boiler pressure test, the power plant electricity, covering of steam turbine, boiler pickling, red tube boiler ignition, power incoming of transformer, and start of unit sets, starting of turbine, unit synchronization and 168-hour pilot run. Finally, they ensured the normal operation of Unit 4 as scheduled.

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