China Power Investment Corporation website: 2013 Witnessed SEP 12 New Energy Projects Connected the Grid


    As at 12:00 December 31, 2013, SEP has totally 9 solar power projects and 3 wind power projects connected the grid with the total installed capacity of 280.8 MW, overfulfill the planned tasks.

    In 2013, SEP fully implement the overall plan made by CPI to strengthen the new energy development. SEP paid more attention to the development of new energy. All the employees work hard with each other to overcome many obstacles and challenges in multi-spots and aspects, techniques, land acquisition, mountain blasting, shortage of supply in equipments, etc. The employees made joint efforts and went all out to strengthen the communication with the government agencies, supervise the project construction progress on the sites, and collaborate closely with the partners, constructors and supervision companies to ensure the smooth operation of the new energy projects.

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