CPI Shanghai Electric Power: build new sample of emission reduction for power generation enterprises


16:22:44 May 15th, 2013   Source: Xinhua Energy

News from Xinhua Energy on May 15th (reported by Liyou Hejia): Since 2013, the air quality has triggered a public collective sense of crisis. Continuously enveloped by haze, domestic coal-fired power plants, thermal power plants of mining enterprises and industrial enterprises have become the target of public criticism; in contrast to natural gas power generation and waste heat utilization of industrial enterprises have been an important way to solve air pollution.

It is understood that Shanghai Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. is located at the north shore of Hangzhou Bay, which is the important supporting project of recycling economic integration in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, mainly to take producing heat as the main source and supplemented by electricity, providing green and safe energy for dozens of large multinational chemical enterprises in the park.

Zhuang Qingquan, GM of Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. told the reporter that, as the largest cogeneration business in Shanghai, Caojing Cogeneration generated a total of 4.04 billion kwh in 2012, and the steam of all enterprises in the chemical park were supplied by us; the power supply task was relatively light. Because all the main equipment used more advanced 9F-grade gas turbines at the same time, thermal efficiency could be achieved 81%. With the natural gas as fuel, the units basically had no soot emissions, and the concentrations of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions were very low.

As introduced by Zhuang Qingquan, due to the higher efficiency of power plant units, power plant recycled low temperature and waste heat to achieve a total profit of 210 million Yuan last year. Power plant would invest one hundred million Yuan for equipment upgrading, intended to introduce the world's leading "dry low-nitrogen combustion" system. After the transformation, the level of nitrogen oxide emissions would be reduced from the current 25ppm per cubic meter to 10 ~ 15ppm per cubic meter.

Caojing Thermal Power Plant has two sets of 300MW Grade-9F Fuel Gas - Steam Combined Cycle Units, while the dry low-nitrogen combustion system is the most advanced combustion technology applied to the 9F series of gas turbine. After upgrading, the system will further enhance its stability, with lower emissions, less losses and longer maintenance cycle interval.

In addition, Zhuang Qingquan disclosed to the reporter, in order to ensure the heating safety of enterprises in the chemical industrial area, the plant built a coal-fired boiler for emergency, and fifty million would be invested in this year to lead the steam from Caojing Power Plant to the pipeline in the chemical industrial area. By the end of this year, the pipeline would be able to put into production, which would not only improve the efficiency of Caojing Power Plant, but also reduce the environmental impact by the emergency coal-fired boiler, which would be more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. He believed that it could make contribution to eliminate the haze.

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